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Chapter 11 Vocabulary - Chapter 11 Vocabulary Pluralism the...

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Chapter 11 Vocabulary Pluralism - the theory that all interests are and should be free to compete for influence in the government; the outcome of this competition is compromise and moderation Interest group - individuals who organize to influence the government’s programs and policies Membership association - organized groups in which members actually play substantial roles, sitting on committees and engaging in group projects Staff organization - a type of membership in which a professional staff conducts most of the group’s activities Collective goods - benefits, sought by groups, that are broadly available and cannot be denied to nonmembers Free riders - those who enjoy the benefits of collective goods but did not participate in acquiring them Information benefits - special newsletters, periodicals, training programs, conferences, and other information provided to members if groups to entice others to join Material benefits - special goods, services, or money provided to members of groups to entice
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