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chapter 26 quiz
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View Attempt 1 of 1  Title: Chapter 26 - Local Government in Texas Started: February 2, 2008 12:23 PM Submitted: February 2, 2008 12:52 PM Time spent: 00:28:15  Total score: 34/35 = 97.1429%   Total score adjusted by 0.0  Maximum possible score: 35  1.   Why are Texas counties important?   Student Response Correct Answer Feedback 1.  They provide the main form of government in rural areas.      2.  They act as a legislative body, making most of the local laws.      3.  all of the above      4.  They create and regulate cities.      Score: 1/1    2.   In Texas, what is the name of the officer who presides over the county commissioners’ court?  
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  Score: 1/1    3.   Which of the following statements about counties in Texas is incorrect?   Score: 0/1    4.   In the case Avery v. Midland County, the United States Supreme Court held that   Score: 1/1 
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