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WHAT IS A JUSTIFIED BELIEF In the paper “What is a Justified Belief”, the writer Alvin I Goldman argues that principles of a justified belief must make references to the causes of belief. According to traditionalists, we know knowledge as a justified true belief; but according to Goldman we need to change our idea of what “justified” means so that these beliefs don’t count as justified. Goldman acknowledges the conventional philosophical epistemologist that true belief does not qualify for knowledge unless it is justified, warranted or acquired in some suitable fashion. According to Goldman, a process is justified if and only if it was formed by a reliable process. Goldman in his paper said that there is a weaker sense or use of ‘knowledge’ according to which knowledge is nothing more than a true belief and this weaker sense or use of ‘knowledge’ counts as strict according to his condition of strictness. Therefore, from these statements, we can see that according to Goldman, any true belief whatsoever, no matter how illogically or unjustifiably formed, would
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