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GOVT 2302- EXAM 2 Review CHAPTER 12 Constituent- person who lives in the district represented by a member of the legislature Congress is a BICAMERAL legislature with 535 members Bicameral Legislature- has two chambers or houses Senators were appointed by state legislatures under the original constitution U.S. senator’s term of office= 6 years The house is more centralized and organized than the Senate’s members Sociological representation identifies the best representative as one who shares similar racial, ethnic, religious, or occupational backgrounds with those he or she represents Members of the house are more responsive to the needs of local interest groups in their district because they must seek re-election very often Agency representation - idea that a legislator should be viewed as someone whom voters hire to represent their interests As of 2005, only 14 women have served in the U.S. Senate Most common occupation among members of congress= Lawyer In each house district there are approximately 600,000 people Services often provided by representatives to constituents: - Writing and mailing out newsletters - Attempting to influence the decision of a regulatory commission on behalf of a constituent - Presenting a private bill for constituents NOT A SERVICE: offering constituents legal advice Constituency service is so important that party leaders will not ask any member to vote in a way that conflicts with the interests or opinions of their district Three factors related to the American electoral system that affect who gets elected to office: - Who decides to run for office - Incumbency - Drawing district lines In recent years 95% of house members seeking re-election successfully won their race There are a low number of women in congress because incumbency is a very powerful resource and most incumbents have been men Because of population growth and shifts, the South and the West have benefited from the recent apportionment in the US Apportionment - process of allocating congressional seats among the fifty states What unusual act did Texas take after the 200 census? They redistricted twice in 2001 and 2003 Redistricting is controversial because: - two incumbents can be forced to run for the same seat - some states gain extra seats while other states lose seats - the way districts are drawn can advantage one party over another - all of the above Miller v. Johnson - Supreme court declared the racial composition of a district could not be the predominant factor while redistricting Patronage - powers and resources available to govt officials that are used to favor supporters
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Pork-barrel legislation- deals with specific projects and their location within a particular congressional district Most common private bill proposed in Congress= bills for permanent visas for foreign nationals Congressional organization is influenced by: - committee system - political parties - parliamentary rules of the house and senate NOT presidential directives The elected leader of the majority party in the House
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GOVT 2302 exam 2 review - GOVT 2302- EXAM 2 Review CHAPTER...

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