ch 6 - Ch 6 public opinion Why do we care in terms of a...

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Ch. 6- public opinion Why do we care? - in terms of a candidate, they need to know what the public wants in order to get elected - in terms of government, they have to respond and react to the public’s wants - public opinion can affect policy in a number of ways: o strategy- (in order for a candidate to get elected or re-elected, they have to give the public what they want) o government is reacting to maintain legitimacy - It matters public opinion affects policies o Delegates, (2 other terms… look up) Factors that Influence Public Opinion: Long term values o Family o Social groups (religious affiliation, Frats, Sororities etc.) o Education (higher education gives people better understanding on certain issues) o Political environment (ex. great depression) Opinion Polls don’t reflect public opinion. They reflect attitudes over a vast amount of time, just that specific moment in time. Polls reflect only that moment in time. Valence issues - issue that everyone agrees on. Ex. Terrorism, everyone agrees terrorism is bad Position issues - issue that people take positions on. Ex. How to handle terrorism Presidential approval
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ch 6 - Ch 6 public opinion Why do we care in terms of a...

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