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Chapter 7 Vocabulary - News enclave a group seeking...

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Chapter 7 Vocabulary Equal time rule - the requirement that broadcasters provide candidates for the same political office equal opportunities to communicate their messages to the public Right of rebuttal - a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation giving individuals the right to respond to personal attacks made on a radio or television broadcast Fairness doctrine - an FCC requirement for broadcasters who air programs on controversial issues to provide time for opposing views; the FCC eased enforcing this doctrine in 1985
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Unformatted text preview: News enclave- a group seeking information not provided by the mainstream media Sound bites- short snippets of information aimed at dramatizing a story rather than explaining its substantive meaning Agenda setting- the power of the media to bring public attention to particular issues and problems Framing- the power of the media to influence how events and issues are interpreted Priming- process of preparing the public to take a particular view of an event or political actor...
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