Ch 3 - Chapter 3- Federalism Theories and...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3- Federalism Theories and Metaphors-sovereignty: the quality of being supreme power-the delegates who met in Philadelphia wrote a new constitution and invented a new political form—federal government—that combined features of a confederacy with features of unitary government Federalism; the division of power between a central government and regional governments-citizens’ fears that majorities with diff interests and (…..???) Dual federalism: Most fundamental powers shared between federal and state governments- The national government rules by enumerated powers only- National government has limited set of constitutional purposes- Each government unit—nation and state—is sovereign within its sphere- Relationship between nation and states is best characterized by tension rather than cooperation State’s Rights: idea that all rights not specifically conferred on the national government by constitution are reserved to states Cooperative federalism: Grants used strategically to encourage states and localities to pursue...
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Ch 3 - Chapter 3- Federalism Theories and...

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