Exam 3 Review - GOVT 2302 Exam 3 Review CHAPTER 15"the...

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GOVT 2302- Exam 3 Review CHAPTER 15 “the least dangerous branch”- the supreme court The essence of the rule of law: every state must judge govt officials by the same laws as its citizens are judged The Uniform Commercial Code- a set of codes states may voluntarily adopt, in order to reduce interstate differences in judicial opinions When all of the justices of the Supreme Court are hearing a case, they are said to be sitting en blanc There are 94 United States district courts Each year, the Supreme court receives about 9,500 appeals and hears about 75 of them in full court Trial courts in the federal judicial system are called district courts Approximately 700 judges currently sit on the federal district courts Marbury v. Madison was decided in 1803 Common law- law made by judges through their decisions, not through specific statutes Written opinions of appellate courts have been described as halfway between common law and statutory rule In roe v. wade, the Supreme Court was required to rule on the issue of mootness , due to the fact that the pregnancy had already come to term The requirement of standing means that parties in a case must have a concrete injury or interest at stake Most cases reach the Supreme Court through the writ of certiorari Each Supreme Court justice is assigned four clerks Dissents are signs that the Court is in disagreement on an issue and could change its ruling A single lawsuit involving thousands of smokers suing a tobacco company would be a good
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Exam 3 Review - GOVT 2302 Exam 3 Review CHAPTER 15"the...

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