Creation theories - Creation theories Islam The story is...

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Creation theories Islam: The story is found in the Qur’an; is it much like that of Christianity and Judaism. Muslims believe that Allah, or God, created heaven and earth to balance one another. Since the Biblical story of creation is already known, the Qur’an does not retell the story; it brings out its own unique moral lessons and corrects some of the already known stories. The Qur’an accepts that Adam and his wife were the first humans and that the story of the forbidden tree is true, and that they become the first sinners. However, the Qur’an corrects many aspects of this story: 1) The couple is told they will be sinners if they disobey, not that they will die 2) The devil whispered to them both and caused them both to slip up, not just Eve. There is even a passage that singles out Adam for the blame, but does not mention Eve. 3) The couple seeks forgiveness and it is given. The Qur’an does not mention Eve’s sin, or that a serpent was involved. Muslims also believe that Allah created the earth in six days. Christianity/ Judaism: God created the world in seven days. The world was just a mass of blackness and on the first day, God said “let there be light” and there was light. On the second day, God created the heavens separated the waters and earth. On the third day, he created dry land from the waters below the heavens and made plant life appear. He then created night and day on the fourth day. On the fifth day God created animals in the water and the air. Being please with what he saw, he created all kinds of living creatures on land on the sixth day. God then said "Let us make man in
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Creation theories - Creation theories Islam The story is...

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