Chapter 4 Vocabulary - Chapter 4 Vocabulary Civil...

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Chapter 4 Vocabulary Civil liberties - areas of personal freedom with which governments are constrained from interfering Substantive liberties - restraints on what the government shall and shall not have the power to do Procedural liberties - restraints on how government is supposed to act; for example, citizens are guaranteed the due process of law Habeas corpus - court order demanding that an individual in custody be brought to court and shown the cause for detention Bill of attainder - law that declares a person guilty of crime without trial Ex post facto law - law that declares an action to be illegal after it has been committed Bill of Rights - 1 st ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1791; the ensure certain rights and liberties to the people Selective incorporation - process by which different protections in the Bill of Rights were incorporated into the 14 th amendment, thus guaranteeing citizens protection from state as well as national governments Establishment clause
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Chapter 4 Vocabulary - Chapter 4 Vocabulary Civil...

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