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Chapter 20 Vocabulary - Radical Republicans bloc of...

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Chapter 20 Vocabulary Constitution - legal structure of a government, which establishes its power and authority as well as the limits on that power Federalism - system of government where power is divided, by a constitution, between a central government and regional governments Supremacy clause - article VI of constitution, that states that laws passes by the national government and all treaties are the supreme law of the land and superior to all laws adopted by any states or any subdivision Necessary and proper clause - article I section 8 of US constitution, provides congress with the authority to make all laws “necessary and proper” to carry out its expressed powers Unicameral - comprising one body or house, as in a unicameral legislature Bicameral - having a legislative assembly composed of two chambers or houses; opposite of unicameral Confederacy - confederate states of America, those southern states that seceded from the US ub 1861 and argues that the power of a government is based on its states
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Unformatted text preview: Radical Republicans- bloc of republicans in the US congress who pushed through the adoption of black suffrage as well as an extended period of military occupation of the South following the civil war Grange- militant farmers’ movement of the late 19 th century, which fought for improved conditions for farmers Limited government- government whose powers are defined and limited by a constitution Republican government- representative democracy, a system of government in which power is derived from the people Separation of powers- division of governmental power among several institutions that must cooperate in decision making Plural executive- an executive branch where power is fragmented because the election of statewide officeholders is independent of the election of the governor Impeachment- formal charge by the house of Representative that leads to trial in the Senate and possible removal of a state official...
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