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Texas went through six phases of constitutions before the legislature finally found one that worked. The first of these was the constitution of the republic of Texas in 1836 that was originally intended to guarantee slave holders to be able to keep slaves. Even though the 1836 constitution called for the annexation of Texas, it wasn’t until 1845 that Texas was annexed into the United States due to the issue of slavery. Slavery continued to be an issue and drove Texas to secede from the Union in 1861. A new constitution was drafted under the confederate states of America. Because slavery was such an issue, factions among political parties developed. Supporters of unionization of Texas were led by Jackson and called Jacksonian Democrats; they were up against the Calhoun Democrats who defended slavery and states’ rights. When the civil war came along, Republican Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery. Texas was not a republican state and they strongly sided with the confederacy. The constitution of 1866 comes along and Texas is
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