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Psychoanalytic terms Infantile libido is a theory that infants have a sense of sexual desire from the time they are born; the theory states that this sexual desire does not form at puberty. Eros was the Greek god of love and lust, in psychoanalysis terms, Eros is the desire to engage in sexual relations procreate, which goes along with Greek mythology. Thanatos was the Greek representation of death and mortality. In psychoanalytic terms, it refers to one’s death drive, the opposite of Eros. Oedipal crisis is based on the Greek story of Oedipus, who killed his father to be with his mother. The psychoanalytical theory says that boys are attracted to their mothers and see that their fathers are dominant and have the woman of their affection, when entering into maturity they displace their affections from their mothers onto girls and women and identifies with his father again and tries to become just like him. The same happens with girls and their attraction to their father’s as well. Castration complex is when young boys realize the difference in boys and girls and believe that girls have had their penis’ cut off, therefore boys start to fear that their penis will be cut off as well. Penis envy
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Psychoanalytic terms - Psychoanalytic terms Infantile...

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