Chapter 8 vocabulary - the supreme court in 1966 Turnout...

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Chapter 8 vocabulary Political participation - political activities, such as voting, contacting political officials, volunteering for a campaign, or participating in a protest, whose purpose is to influence government Lobbying - a strategy by which organized interests seek to influence the passage of legislation by exerting direct pressure on members of the legislation Public relations - an attempt, usually through the use of paid consultants, to establish a favorable relationship with the public and influence its political opinions Litigation - a lawsuit or legal proceeding; as a form of political participation, an attempt to seek relief in a court of law Protest - participation that involves assembling crowds to confront a government or other organization Suffrage - the right to vote; also called the franchise Poll tax - a state-imposed tax on voters as a prerequisite for registration; poll taxes were rendered unconstitutional in national elections by the Twenty-fourth amendment, and in state elections by
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Unformatted text preview: the supreme court in 1966 Turnout- the percentage of eligible individuals who actually vote American political community- citizens who are eligible to vote and who participate in American political life Gender gap- a distinctive pattern of voting behavior reflecting the differences in views between women and men Socioeconomic status- status in society based on level of education, income, and occupational prestige Civic engagement- a sense of concern among members of the political community about public, social, and political life, expressed through participation in social and political organizations Mobilization- the process by which large numbers of people are organized for a political activity Political institution- an organization that connects people to politics, such as a political party, or a governmental organization, such as the Congress or the courts...
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