ch 3 cont - education if students don’t pass standardized...

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Ch. 3 FEDERALISM (con’t) Dual Federalism- idea that state and national government has a clear distinction between the powers that each holds separately Cooperative federalism- marble cake entanglement of powers -expansion of national authority -expansion of necessary and proper clause -congress has power to make laws -expansion of Interstate commerce clause New Deal implications: - - 3 obstacles to rights to vote - Poll taxes (pay a tax in order to vote) - Literacy tests - Grandfather clause (eligible to vote if grandfather was eligible to vote) Often times weaned out the blacks Violated 14 th amendment and equal protection Federal Government exercising too much power over state governments: US vs. Lopez Possession of gun in school punishable by up to 5 years in a federal prison Printz vs. US in 1997- Brady Bill (getting background checks before guns can be purchased) US vs. Morrison Violence against women’s act Fiscal Federalism- Mandates (unfunded) - No child left behind- federal government says no funding for state public
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Unformatted text preview: education if students don’t pass standardized tests-Americans w/ disabilities act- fed. Government requires state and local facilities to have easily access for people with disabilities-BOTH are not given any extra funding to accomplish these goals “Devolution”- federal government can temporarily grant powers to state and local governments Federalist papers 3 issues to resolve-Slaves-Small state representation-Hw to elect the president No original intent- just compromising “Popular Sovereignty” -Tend to promote tyranny of majority-in our nature to be self-centered-Federalist #10 –“Factions”-Adverse to community-Hard to get rid of b/c they are sewed into the minds of men o Destroy factions, you destroy liberty-In man’s nature to act selfishly-Make sure no one interest group will dominate the others Federalist #51—“Checks and Balances”-3 equal branches...
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ch 3 cont - education if students don’t pass standardized...

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