Ch 4 and 5 - Chapter 4&5 notes Civil Rights Government...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4&5 notes- Civil Rights 9/12/07 Government has responsibility to protect minorities from discrimination. “Immutable” characteristics (things you cannot change):- Race- Gender**- Age- Disabilities- Sexual orientation** ** = debatable Civil Liberties (rights given to everyone, not based on immutable characteristics): ((Think Bill of Rights))- Freedom of religion- Freedom of speech- Freedom of press- Right to bear arms- Free from unreasonable searches of the home- Fair trial- Right to vote- Marriage- Right to privacy Civil rights come from federal legislation (congress passes a law to specifically protect an Immutable characteristic, or from federal court decisions. Freedom of religion Establishment clause- government isn’t going to establish a national religion Enegle vs vitale (sp?) Lemon vs. Kurtzman creates lemon test: action by government must have a secular purpose, principle/ primary effect must be one that neither enhances nor inhibits religion, no excessive government entanglement with religion (established by the burger court)...
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Ch 4 and 5 - Chapter 4&5 notes Civil Rights Government...

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