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Audrey Christie 14 September 2007 English 1100 Paper 2 1984 During my senior year of high school, my honors English IV class was very demanding. The course required students to read many different types and works of literature, but there is one piece of literature which stands out in my mind when I think back on those readings. The book to which I’m referring to is 1984 by George Orwell. 1984 plays a very significant role in influencing the way I view our government and Totalitarian societies. 1984 is an extreme case of government control but can be related to corruption within our government today, which makes me think whether the government is hurting or helping our nation. Subsequently, after reading the novel 1984 , I took two different sides on how I felt toward our government. My first reaction is shock at how horrible a Totalitarian society would be to live in. My second reaction made me realize I am glad that our government has not reached that point and hopefully never will. Our government is showings signs of control over citizens and invasions of privacy without forcing totalitarian society upon us. In the novel 1984 concepts of totalitarian regimes, bureaucracy, nationalism, world leaders, and power struggles are continuously mentioned. A totalitarian society is one which states that citizens are totally subject to an absolute state authority, and there is centralized control by an autocratic authority. The novel is based around this type of society in which citizens have no rights and everything is based off what the government wants or needs. There are many different goals of a totalitarian society some of which include the use of propaganda, to control all aspects of individual’s life, and encompassing state ideology. A totalitarian society also uses the repression system of the secret police and the rule of a single
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Christie party. While most citizens in the novel focus on the power struggle of leaders within the society, few focus on the fall of mankind including their independence and rights. In the novel, the government slowly takes control of everything the citizens in the society do or think. They use
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1984 paper - Audrey Christie 14 September 2007 English 1100...

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