dorm life - Audrey Christie English 1100 9 November 2007...

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Audrey Christie English 1100 9 November 2007 Paper 3 Living in a Dorm When I made the decision to attend East Carolina University, I also decided to live in a dorm for my freshman year. I came to East Carolina with many preconceived notions as to what dorm life would be like. I had heard so many different things about living in a dorm, and I had already made up my mind to how dorm life would be. I had heard that living in a dorm setting was quite the experience because it allows you the opportunity to meet a diversity of people, which leads to more well-rounded educational experience. Also, studies have shown students who lived in dorms performed better academically than those who live off campus, due to the fact that they are closer to resources such as the library and computer labs (Stout). With in mind I have a very positive attitude towards dorm life I am very excited to be having the opportunity to enter this new chapter of my life. While dorm life does have many advantages, there are still many challenges that come along with those advantages. When living in such close proximity to a stranger, you learn to be somewhat cautious until you figure out the new arrangements. I was a little cautious about living with someone who I was not familiar with, this random person may have such different living standards, do they clean up after themselves or do they leave a trail of trash as they go? Does this stranger require lots of sleep and quite time? Do they listen to rap, country, or rock? By rooming with someone you already know you will most likely have an idea as to what this person is like and shouldn’t clash over any of these issues. Prior to my moving to ECU, I had ran into an acquaintance from middle school, and we
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discussed the possibility of becoming roommates instead of awaiting the random selection for the freshman dorms, I of course became more eager to move into the dorm knowing I’d be sharing a room with someone I knew a little than with a total stranger. My initial thoughts toward my dorm room were that it would be new and clean, and most likely very small but livable. I had believed that my resident advisor (RA) was going to be the dreaded, impersonal nerd just looking to write someone up any chance she got. I’m glad that my prior beliefs were all totally wrong. I would have preferred not to partake in the communal bathroom situation; I had done enough of that living at home and sharing with my two younger sisters. I had envisioned fighting for a little space at the sink to brush my teeth, wash my face and
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dorm life - Audrey Christie English 1100 9 November 2007...

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