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Audrey Christie 30 November 2007 English 1100 Paper 4 Campus Safety East Carolina University (ECU) is the third largest university in North Carolina and one of the fastest growing campuses in the ECU public collegiate school system. Therefore, when I made the decision to attend ECU, I knew of the university’s reputation of being a big party school. I also knew about the city of Greenville, NC, the location of the university and the unimpressive reputation of high crime rates. With this in mind, I was slightly cautious about campus safety as a student. As I near the end of my first semester as a freshman at ECU, I have observed many problems in regards to the safety of students on the university’s campus. Based off one’s experiences attending ECU, some students might conclude that student safety is inadequate due to the following reasons. Some of those reasons include faulty lighting, the lack of blue emergency call boxes on campus, students tailgating, police security on campus and Safe Ride for students. East Carolina University’s campus safety policy for students states it will ensure that its education programs and all other activities protect and promote the health and safety to our students, employees, patients, campus visitors, and environment. Dr. Steve Ballard the Chancellor at East Carolina amended this policy on August 17, 2006. One might think after reading the school’s policy that not enough emphasis pertains to student safety on campus. I think students should be certain that they are in a safe environment when walking to class
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whether it is day or night, and not have to worry about their safety. After researching the crime statistics in Greenville, I was appalled to find that the burglary rate per capita is 2.39 times higher than the national average, and the aggravated assault in Greenville is 1.37 times higher than the national level (Greenville). Furthermore, ECU sent out a campus safety survey in April of 2007, the results from over 3,000 students showed that greater than 83 percent of those students felt concerned for their safety on campus (Richardson). One of the hazardous sightings concerning security on the ECU campus is the lack of properly working lighting systems. Some of the areas of concern are the dim yellow shade, blown bulbs, lack of lighting fixtures and wrong location of the lights. Many ECU officials have given the redundant answer of, “we have enough lights on campus,” which may be true, but it is in my opinion the lights do not supply the proper exposure on campus. The lights on campus illuminate a yellow tint, which allows for non-proper identification of would-be suspects. This is especially a problem around the entrances of buildings and dorms, and areas accessed for the disabled were in need of more lighting. This yellow shade causes confusion for on campus police; this is evident through the routine pop-ups of an unidentified arm robbery. From my
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Campus Safety - Audrey Christie 30 November 2007 English...

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