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POL 02 - February 25, 2008

POL 02 - February 25, 2008 - 1 Democratization in Hungary...

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1 February 25, 2008 Democratization in Hungary Stability from the start – Historical factors – Strategic factors 1 Multi-party parliamentary system: Multiple veto players Political parties and election results: Ideological divide similar to Poland Eastern Europe POLAND DENMARK SWEDEN NETH. BEL. LUX. North Sea Baltic Sea Prague Amsterdam Hamburg Berlin Copenhagen Gdansk Luxembourg R.S.F.S.R. LITHUANIA LATVIA Vilnius Warsaw COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES GERMANY AUSTRIA HUNGARY FRANCE CZECH REPUBLIC SLOVAK REPUBLIC SWITZERLAND Munich Stuttgart Vienna Innsbruck Bern LIECH. Bratislava Budapest ROMANIA Bucharest Ljubljana Zagreb Belgrade BOSNIA- SLOVENIA CROATIA VOJVODINA Venice Bonn 2 Sofia BULGARIA Istanbul Black Sea Split Sarajevo Dubrovnik Skopje HERZEGOVINA SERBIA MONTENEGRO KOSOVO MACEDONIA (Yugoslavia) ALBANIA Tirane GREECE Athens Adriatic Sea Tyrrhenian Sea Ionian Sea Aegean Sea ITALY TURKEY Mediterranean Sea Rhodes Crete Sicily Sardinia Corsica TUNISIA Iraklion Palermo Tunis Cagliari Naples Rome Florence Valletta MALTA MONACO 0 100 200 Kilometers 0 100 200 Nautical Miles © Bruce Jones Design Inc. 199 Six former satellites: Independence in late 1989/early 1990 Post-WWII Timeline 1948 1952 Consolidation of communist single-party governments 3 1956 1968 Revolution in Hungary Soviet troops invade Czecho- slovakia 1945 Elections in Hungary & Poland 1953 Revolt in East Germany 1961 Berlin Wall
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2 Hungary during 1980s • Least centrally controlled economy • Least politically repressive 4 Hungary 1989 • No revolutionary “event” – Split in Communist Party, reformers in charge 5
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POL 02 - February 25, 2008 - 1 Democratization in Hungary...

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