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POL 02 - February 1, 2008 - 1 January 29, 2007:...

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1 January 29, 2007: Post-communist Transitions • What are the post-communist countries? 1 • Historical Background • Reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev, 1985- 1991 Post-communist Transitions: What are the Issues? • Choice of Political Institutions 2 • Development of Political Parties • Economic Reform Aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union • 21 newly independent countries 3 • 1 reunited country (East and West Germany)
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2 4 T U R K E Y IRAQ I R A N AFGHANISTAN PAKISTAN INDIA C H I N A M O N G O L I A J A P N N. KOREA S. KOREA KAZAKHSTAN UZBEKISTAN KIRGHIZIA TURKM ENISTAN TA JIK ISTA AZERBAIJAN RM ENIA GEORGIA 0 MILES KILOMETERS 60 30 0 60 30 COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES Cities and Towns Capital 1,000,000 and over Sakhalin Novosibirsk Chelyabinsk Omsk Sverdlovsk Fifteen former republics: Independence in December, 1991 Eastern Europe POLAND DENMARK SWEDEN NETH. BEL. LUX. North Sea Baltic Sea Prague Amsterdam Hamburg Berlin Copenhagen Gdansk Luxembourg R.S.F.S.R. LITHUANIA LATVIA Vilnius Warsaw COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES GERMANY AUSTRIA HUNGARY FRANCE CZECH REPUBLIC SLOVAK REPUBLIC SWITZER LAND Munich Stut gart Vienna Innsbruck Bern LIECH. Bratis lav a Budapest ROMANIA Buc harest Ljubljana Zagreb Belgrade BOSNIA- SLOVEN IA CROATIA VOJ VODIN A Venice Bonn 5 Sofia BULGARIA Is tanbul Black Sea Split Sarajevo Dubrovnik Skopje HERZEGOVINA SERBIA MONTENEGRO KOSOVO MACEDONIA (Yugoslavia) ALBANIA Tirane GREECE Athens Adriatic Sea Tyr henian Sea Ionian Sea Aegean Sea ITALY TURKEY Mediter anean Sea
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POL 02 - February 1, 2008 - 1 January 29, 2007:...

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