Sample_aromatic_exam_key - Organic Chunia'try 2 CHMUE 13...

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Unformatted text preview: Organic Chunia'try 2 CHMUE 13 Aromatic Quiz $1»wa EL HWME Z I. [5 points) Which ut‘thc following mlwulus is aromatic? Write the letters cummnding to aromatic stmmlres in the rectmtgula: box. E: III F . II 1‘ [It If 3'?" f. .g [fii H Q1“: Etta” Ill “I: RH 11: B 3. {4 pts] What isthe cannot sequnma of decreasing reacthrity tot-Md electrophflic mmic substitutinn, fi'om must Mitre to least, for hams bearing the fhlhwing substitmnts‘? Ajfifllhfllrcmhfll-i B}0H:-CH,}CI:>H0, C}Nfl,rflflbCH,:-CI D} OH :3 Ci :- CH, :r ND, E} Ci 3* CH, :- ND; 1* DH 4. [9 pts} Write an acceptath systemic name for Each ofthc stnmttn-es. below. C] "H2 0H Br CI—IQCH3 N01 1st; [tiara—3*hTMLthM 1:1 Kylphmf {Mudbffi hill-re. Q‘EVHVHflhH‘rflJ-flfihlllm EM 2-9-14] 1:;— amm F 1-bs-umu~-‘-f- {min twain-L j {ta—mums 5.{lfipts]fliverheWuftheexpectednujnrpmductfinmmhufflmmbnsshownbcmw. 1f morflu,paranfixtumisexpected, showmh‘l'mjur” product. Ifnu reactinnismcpected, hniicatethat. r r “3 UCCH, alt-CH3 CH: L 4‘ LE Feel, it... NH, 4;“ <9 —- a H3 Mutt CH mm J DH ML 01% flI‘— ¢u [UT-H C m1 M H LN E. {8 pts} What is the ramp: pro-duct Earn the alkylafinn 0f anisola with r-hutaml in the pmamme of sulfiaric acid IE :1 catalyst? Using the unwed arrow notation (“arrow pushing“), writ: a mechmism for its fibrillation '7' H CH3 Hg; D5 “5 - OCH; 113:: am fifth C Hi H '2 l'g-C “ca-H J l " ———"' uh 1'11501 1 1?“st £6 3 :5" * Er..- we”? If. h. H} 1 {ii—til;- ‘ C H} JP “*3 (arm #:1in din anyhééa) T. [9 1313] Shaw :1 seqmnne ofreaefiens by whieh mrmtmbenzaeie acid can be synthesized fmm benzene. [start by alwwhg the Struelm‘e of the target, m-niu-obenznie acid} [01,.” EDPH H CH; r-Ffiflj {)Krduflwflhfib fiH-sufl C: F «=‘*—-—--—- H @5 N Hr-rfl'l-f ' Til-J H‘+ Fig-CE; 0w. or“ Wine; ”+ w m/ ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2008 for the course CHM 313 taught by Professor Forsyth during the Spring '08 term at Northeastern.

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Sample_aromatic_exam_key - Organic Chunia'try 2 CHMUE 13...

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