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1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO CHEMISTRY 6AH SYLLABUS Fall Quarter 2006 Honors General Chemistry General Information: Instructor : Dr. Carl Hoeger Office : York 4030 Phone : 858-534-6434 e-mail : [email protected] ( NOTE: When sending e-mail, please put 6AH somewhere in subject line ) Office Hours : Walk-In : Mon and Wed 9:30-1:00 PM; OPEN : Fridays 9-1:30 PM; also by appointment “On-Line” (electronic mail) : M-Th 9:30-10:30 PM; Su 7-8 PM; e-mail answered before midnight Office hours AFTER CLASS by Appointment AOL Instant Messenger : Name : profcah ; I am on-line most of the day and on and off during the weekend and nights. WEB PAGE : Go to http://chem-courses.ucsd.edu/CoursePages/LowerDiv/6ABC_Hoeger/ TIME: 8:00-9:20 AM Tues and Thurs in York 2622. Discussion Sections as per your schedule . COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is the first quarter of a three quarter course in general chemistry and is taught at the honors level. Chemistry 6AH is intended for science majors with strong math backgrounds. We will cover Chapters 3 through 9 in your textbook IN CLASS; this includes properties of matter and solutions, gas laws, gas phase equilibria, acid-base chemistry, classical bonding and thermodynamics to name a few topics we will cover. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHAPTERS 1 AND 2 ON YOUR OWN AND WILL BE TESTED ON THEM. CLASS FORMAT: Lecture and discussion section. TEXT AND REQUIRED SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS : 1) PRINCIPLES OF MODERN CHEMISTRY (5th Ed.) by Oxtoby, Gillis and Nachtrieb. Your test material will be out of both this book and the notes. Study guide/Answer key for this book are available as well and it is recommended that you get it! 2) Supplementary Materials will be at Soft Reserves; YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL MATERIALS PLACED THERE FOR CHEM 6AH/HOEGER. Most if not all of these will be available at our 6AH web site. 3) Spiral Bound Problem Notebook (HW): You will do all suggested homework problems into this notebook . (See Notebook Policy ) 4) Calculator: An inexpensive NON-GRAPHING, NON-PROGRAMABLE scientific calculator is required. It should be able to do logarithms, scientific notation and basic arithmetic. A TI-30 or equivalent is recommended. If your calculator can enter letters and/or words you will not be allowed to use it!! (See Calculator Policy ) 5) Two-Way Remote Answering Unit : Called a “ RAD ” (remote answering device) this will be used in the classroom to get instant polling, quizzing, etc data. Cost of $35 new/ ca. $25 used, get it at the bookstore. See Grading Policies. METHOD OF EVALUATION AND GRADING POLICIES: SEE ATTACHED GRADING POLICIES . YOU MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH EVERYTHING IN THIS DOCUMENT! SOME NOTES, SUGGESTIONS AND WARNINGS : If you miss the final, you will get a zero without verifiable proof of serious illness or a police report. A Grade of “Incomplete” can only be given under special circumstances (UCSD rule).
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