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Midterm.su06 - cs3u Student ID Name Signature CSE 3 Midterm...

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cs3u ___ Name _________________________ Student ID _________________ Signature ______________________ CSE 3 Midterm Summer 2006 Page 1 ___________ (11 points) Page 2 ___________ (15 points) Page 3 ___________ (10 points) Page 4 ___________ (30 points) Page 5 ___________ (12 points) Total ___________ (78 points)
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1 1. What key sequence will take a screen shot of the currently selected window (make a bit-map copy into the clipboard) so you can paste a copy of that window image into a document or application like paint? 2. List the three anti-spyware programs discussed in class. a) b) c) 3. What is the short-cut for Undo? 4. What is the trick to get a filmstrip option in the View menu when browsing a folder? 5. What is the name of the program discussed and downloaded in class and used in the lab to create/edit HTML files that provides color syntax highlights? 6. What is the two menu option sequence to view and possibly edit the HTML source code of a web page? Choose ______________ menu then choose _______________ in the browser. 7. What is sent by a web server and stored in a web browser to help the server personalize the user's experience each time the user returns to the server using the same browser? The user can delete them through Tools > Internet options. Some anti-spyware software considers some of these to be mildly suspicious. A. socket B. firewall C. cookie D. variable 8. You visit a web page at http://www.xyz.com/boogie/kewl.html and see a cool picture. Hoping to find more
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