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EE 361 Spring 2008 Design Problem 2 Due: Friday, April 25, 2008 Turn in your assignment using the same protocol as has been used on the programming assignments 1. As usual, record your time spent on activities for this course over the last two weeks of classes. Be sure you are honest! Before you begin this assignment, estimate how long you think it will take you to complete each of the programming problems. Compare your estimate against the time it actually took you to complete the assignments. If there is a discrepancy, formulate an explanation as to why this discrepancy occurred. Make a note of your observations. You must also turn in a UML class diagram indicating the class structure that you define. Although the fundamental structure is partially given to you, there are some things that you will probably need to add. Include your UML diagram in the submission. Just put it in the zip file along with everything else. 2. Design project: One of the most popular game series Nintendo created was the Legend of Zelda series. In this game series, Link (the player) has to rescue the Princess Zelda, who is somewhere in the playing space. The object is for the player to rescue Zelda before his health is so bad that he dies. In this project, you will implement a variation on the Legend of Zelda series. This variation will have the game space being a two dimensional map of places. To begin with, Zelda is placed on the map, at some place. The player goes from place to place, and depending on what kind of place it is, good or bad things happen on landing there and on leaving there. These good or bad things impact the player’s health. Part A: The following classes must be defined and implemented. You should build and test the hierarchy below with a very simple main driving function to make sure that things are working properly before attempting part B. The class hierarchy includes: l an abstract base class Place g Data members include: s a Place_Type data member to tell what kind of Place this is s a Boolean data member to indicate if Zelda is here s a Boolean data member to tell if we’ve landed here before s the row, column position of this Place s any other data members you find useful g The methods of the Place class include: l appropriate constructor(s) l a destructor
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l a pure virtual onLanding method that (when defined in a concrete derived class) determines what happens to the player’s health on landing here.
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designproj2-08 - EE 361 Spring 2008 Design Problem 2 Due...

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