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Khan Mariam Khan EXPOS Writing 101: GE Prof. Kjelle Paper #1 (FD) The Pursuit of Happiness: Our Greatest Motivation Many people have wondered about happiness; what is it and how do we achieve it? One person who has seriously taken this under consideration is psychologist Daniel Gilbert, who has researched in this topic and found that most people don’t meet their expectation when in pursuit of happiness. He believes most people experience an “impact bias”, where the “intensity and duration of our emotions” are wrongly estimated. We often find ourselves not being as happy or as upset as we expected, but most of the time we eventually deal with our current situation. In the end, such a bias is not a bad thing because the pursuit of happiness is more significant than the event of happiness itself. The pursuit of happiness is so significant that it is a means of survival, or as George Loewstein, an economist who has also done significant research on the topic, puts it: “our brains are not trying to be happy. Our brains are trying to regulate us.” When we are in a situation that doesn’t go as expected, we may activate, as Gilbert describes it, our “psychological immune system”. Otherwise we may find insightfulness in the situation or may simply adjust. But what makes the pursuit ital in our lives is that it motivates us. In his essay, The Futile Pursuit of Happiness , Jon Gilbert refers to Gilbert and Loewstein to try to explain what truly makes people happy. It is in the
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2008 for the course WRIT 101 taught by Professor Kjelle during the Spring '08 term at Stevens.

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Mariam Khan - Khan Mariam Khan EXPOS Writing 101: GE Prof....

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