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Exodus 1-15 The deliverance from Egypt (Exodus proper) Exodus 16-40 Stop at Sinai and God appears and gives the Law Deliverance is pared with obligation The Exodus is the key event for the OT-it defines them as a people THE STORY (1-15) Seti I (1 st pharaoh of exodus) (Ramses’ II so the need for labor was great) Refer to Israelites as Hebrew Jacob’s descendants have been fruitful and prolific (shows its rooted in creation) New king fears their large size so puts them into forced labor but also orders that all male offspring be killed Shiphrah and Puah feared God instead of king – don’t put the children to death Moses is one of the children born
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Unformatted text preview: Moses mother sends him down river and Egyptian princess takes him in (Sargon) God of Israel YHWY (Exodus 3) gives divine name Priestly version in Exod 6 Rameses II won’t let people go 10 plagues with culmination in death of first born can be spared if blood is spread over front door the “destroyer” or mashkheet (military term) pesach or Passover and unleven bread After Israelites leave, Pharaoh pursues to the Sea Chapter 14-prose account (wind blows back waters over night) Chapter 15-poetry “the song of the sea” (oldest piece of lit. in the Bible) Exodus occurred in City of Rameses...
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