Test #2- Baroque Period

Test #2- Baroque Period - Baroque Period Baroque(1600-1750...

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Baroque Period Baroque: (1600-1750) Portuguese- Distort, ornament, Fancy up music (Barroco) -Orchestra was born Characteristics of Baroque Period: 1) Discontinuous Style : Music is in little short sections without stops, changes in meter, unlike Renaissance- Doesn’t spin off from beginning 2) Concertato : Opposing mediums of sound. Loud and soft section (Drums & Strings) constant shift (violin, soloists against whole orchestra) 3) Polarity of Outer Voices: Musical direction of piece is determined by the highest and lowest parts in music. (Framework) 4) Development of Figured Bass: Arabic numbers underneath note that tell what chord to play- keyboard 5) Development of Continuo : Comprised of all the lower instruments (Cellos, Bass, Bassoon, and Keyboard) Rhythm Section 6) Tonality- A Real Thing : Musical Theorists put together a system of key signature. 7) Development of Recitative : Chief contribution is opera in Baroque period. Explaining to the audience what’s happening- sung, vocal. A) Secco : “Dry” Very little accompany, music stops when singing starts B) Accompagnato : Lots of accompanying, giving support to singers 8) New Forms : Bulk of rest of forms Beginning of Baroque Period: -Venice, Italy, San Marco- Built a cross but each section is equi-distant, has lots of galleries. Giovanni Gabrieli : Organist of San Marco. Sets up Concertato, puts different parts in different sections of church. First person to use dynamic marks in music (forte, sonata) Concertato : Opposing mediums of sound In Ecclesiis : Sacred Symphony Heinrich Schutz : (Germany) -Had no singer’s b/c they were all fighting in the war. -Spreads all of the Italian style to Northern Europe.
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Test #2- Baroque Period - Baroque Period Baroque(1600-1750...

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