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Test #4- 20th Century-Present

Test #4- 20th Century-Present - 20th Century to the...

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20 th Century to the Present -Impressionism: French Invention- Music is vague, Very elusive rhythm- Like the French Impressionistic paintings- Painting images through music -Claude Debussy : Invents a whole new scale -Whole Tone Scale: Eliminates “Do” Makes it sound fuzzy- Impressionism of major scale -Adds Extra notes to Triads -Poly Rhythm: More than 1 rhythm in a piece 1) La Mer: (1880’s) Depicting the sea at various times of the day -Tone Poem- Highly descriptive piece of programmatic music Movement 1: “At Dawn” 2) Nocturnes: Orchestral piece, Impressionism NOT tone poem Movement 1: “Nuages” Clouds- Hillside Movement 2: “Fêtes” Outdoor Festival Movement 3: “Sirénes” Beautiful Mermaids who used to lure sailors into the rocks and crash their boats -Uses women chorus only- No words only “Ah” Maurice Ravel: 1) Daphnis et Chlo é: Ballet piece- Love Story Expressionism: (1907) Total freedom of the individual to do what they want Arnold Schönberg: Eliminates tonality and invents Atonal Music
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