A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange - Ohlinger 1 Sarah Ohlinger Dr. Hurley...

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Ohlinger 1 Sarah Ohlinger Dr. Hurley Psychology 235 3 April 2008 A Clockwork Orange Analysis Paper A Clockwork Orange, (1971) directed by Stanley Kubrick is a thriller starring Malcolm McDowell as Alex, a troubled young man that is the leader of a gang, the “droogs.” They commit random acts of rape and robbery around London. One night, Alex and his droogs, break into a woman’s house and kill her. Alex is caught by the police and sent to jail for fourteen years. After behaving quite well and taking a new liking to the bible, the minister of the prison selects Alex to receive special training by scientists to rid him of his criminal behavior. Alex is subjected to a conditioning program that creates an unpleasant physical reaction to just the thought of doing harm to another person. As part of the conditioning program, Alex is forced to watch films with his eyelids clamped open. His face is then wrapped in electrical straps and wires. He is forced to watch violent scenes and right after those scenes follow crimes that Alex committed with his gang of friends. Alex was given injections that made him sick while watching the films, which in turn, forced him not to be violent. Anytime he felt the urge to act up, he would automatically begin to feel sick. Finally, Alex is sent free and is said to be “cured.” However, his sickness is so dramatic that he ends up jumping off a building in attempt to kill
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A Clockwork Orange - Ohlinger 1 Sarah Ohlinger Dr. Hurley...

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