Anti-Catholicism - I believe that there are two distinct...

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I believe that there are two distinct movements at work in our culture. They are: 1) Anti- Christianity and 2) Anti-Catholicism. During this Christmas season, it becomes easy to confuse the two. I am going to devote some time to the Anti-Christian movement in an effort to distinguish the differences and to show why both are areas of concern. The Anti-Christian movement can easily be confused as attacks both God and Christmas. Many mask their hatred of Christianity and religion by saying that they are being sensitive to others. This appears to be the desired effect of those who have worked to take Christ out of Christmas and make it into a holiday season. They want Christmas to be turned into a celebration of the winter season. . This celebration of winter instead of Christmas, was in effect asking Christians to celebrate something they didn t celebrate winter as if they were pagans in the Roman Empire This has supposedly been done in an effort not to offend non-Christians. Too often, school administrators lack the courage to challenge organizations like the ACLU. Gibons says the tactics and strategies of the ACLU in its war on Christmas are the very definition of bullying, and to avoid costly litigation from the ACLU school boards and local governments frequently submit to the ACLU s demands that far exceed the limitations on religious observance on government property that is actually required by law. Last Christmas, Columbia High School in South Orange- Maplewood New Jersey, forbade the chorus form singing Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer. This was because of the reference to a foggy Christmas eve . This is how absurd the campaign against Christianity has become. This may be why it appears that the tide has begun to turn. The Catholic league took on Wal-Mart over Wal-Mart s discrimination against Christmas and Christians. Wal-Mart called Christmas the holidays while they did not do the same for Hanukah and Kwanzaa. Wal-Mart was forced to back down from their misguided effort. The Anti-Christian and Anti-Religion movement has even made it into the fashion world of jeans. Cheap Monday Jeans are a hot commodity among the youth of Sweden. The logo of a skull and the cross turned upside down on it s forehead, is an active statement against Christianity, according to it s designer Bjorn Atldax. I m not a Satanists myself, but I have a great dislike for organized religion. . In our country, there is a constant battle in the Courts to eliminate all references to God in our public life. Dr. Michael Newdow has sued in various Federal Courts to remove one nation under
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God form the Pledge of Allegiance and In God we trust from our currency. This is based on a twisted view of the separation of Church and state. Our country was founded on Biblical principals and our founders consistently referred to God and asked for God s help and guidance. I believe that the above examples of Anti-Christianity were essential to distinguish it from
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Anti-Catholicism - I believe that there are two distinct...

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