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RLST 3000 Spring 08 Professor Whitehead Midterm Review Total number of points for exam: 15 Part I: Identification (5 points total; 1 point each) You will be given 7 terms from the following list, of which you will have to identify 5. Terms come from readings and lectures. Identifications should consist of 2 complete sentences. Identify the term with relevant information and state its significance. Be sure to include the date in your answer for full credit (e.g. 1 st century, 3 rd century, etc.). Alexandria Ambrose Antioch Apology Apostle Apostolic memory Arianism Augustine Bishop Cappadocians Catechumen Celsus Chalcedon Constantine Council of Nicaea Deacon Decius Donatists Dura Europos Edict of Milan Ekklesia Eschaton Felicitas Gnosticism Gospel Great Persecution Heresy Irenaeus John of Damascus Justin Martyr Lapsi Libellus Martyr Nag Hammadi Orthodox Pagan Perpetua Pliny
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Unformatted text preview: Recapitulation Septuagint Son of Man Tertullian Origen Theodosius Two-source Hypothesis Part II: Short Essays (10 points total; 5 points each) You will have a choice of three short essay questions, of which you will answer two. Answers should consist of 2-3 substantial and well crafted paragraphs. Questions may be derived from readings, lectures, handouts, or audio/visual clips played in class (or a combination thereof). Be sure to refer to specific examples and readings in your answers. Following are two examples of questions, which may or may not appear on the exam: 1. What is the Synoptic Problem? What is the prevailing theory proposed to solve it? 2. Name and discuss three major differences between Christianity in the West and in the East in the first 5 centuries C.E....
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