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Pumps_v1 - Maritime Professional Studies KP100 Introduction...

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Pumps v1.doc-8/10/2004 Maritime Professional Studies KP100 Introduction to Marine Engineering (IME) Segment Course Handout I. Topic Name: Pumps II. Reference(s) Text: Ship Knowledge A Modern Encyclopedia Pages: 228-229 III. Topic Objectives A. State the purpose of a pump B. Identify major types of non-positive displacement pumps C. Identify major types of positive displacement pumps
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COURSE HANDOUT: Pumps Pumps v1.doc-8/10/2004 2 IV. Topic Terminology adiabatic air ejector Auxiliary Steam axial motion bearing, journal casing cavitation [1] & [2] compressor condensate (aka Condensate) cylinder eductor ejector electrical energy energy, electrical energy, mechanical feedwater (aka Feedwater) fluid gear gear, helical gear, spur impellar lube oil lubricating oil mechanical energy motive force nozzle piston prime mover propeller pump pump, centrifugal pump, gear pump, jet pump, lobe
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  • Pump, electrical energy, positive displacement pump, propeller pump pump, non-positive displacement pump, non-positive displacement pumps

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