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1) Five modes of transportation: a) Air b) Train c) Truck d) Ship e) Pipeline i) Cheapest (ship) ii) Expensive(air) iii) Flexible(truck) 2) Dana’s Voyage a) 1830 = for belts made from cow hide to be used in machinery i) which will be used run by machinery to create power b) leather is also raw material for shoes c) this voyage proved waterways are cheapest and easiest for shipping i) due to the ships being made of wood and powered by wind, also that the crew was berthed and fed kept the cost to a minimum (1) East to west(aka: wrong way) d) Dana’s life on shore i) Whale watching ii) Life with the hawaian women on shore iii) California Coast e) Quiz #1 Answer( why religion keeps a man sane at sea) i) Improves him as an individual and the officers at sea, this will cause better treatment from them 3) Runyan a) Prostitution i) When sailors head out to sea, the wives turn to prostitution to make money (1) Average .66cents 4) Entrepot a) A port located by the factory/area known as Hinterland. This term is universal to several areas. b) This is an area with a series of ports around it and goods travel through the area. c) Entrepot is the actual port that the goods go out of. 5) Mercantilism a) England seizing lands abroad to plant crops that they could not grow on their own land. b) The colony’s were only used to for the wealth of the mother land. 6) Navigation Acts a) Claimed that the colonies had to send their goods through England in order to tax us and give wealth to England before we are able to give them to the other countries. 7)
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