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Gas Turbines v1.doc-8/9/2004 Maritime Professional Studies KP100 Introduction to Marine Engineering (IME) Segment Course Handout I. Topic Name: Gas Turbines II. Reference(s) Text: Ship Knowledge A Modern Encyclopedia P a g e s : N/A III. Topic Objectives A. Identify the three major components that comprise a gas turbine B. Identify a means for starting a gas turbine C. State the forms of energy that are received, used and discharged in a gas turbine D. Identify the thermodynamic cycle components as they apply to a gas turbine
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COURSE HANDOUT: Gas Turbine Gas Turbines v1.doc-8/9/2004 2 IV. Topic Terminology adiabatic bearing, journal bearing, thrust casing chemical energy combustion combustion chamber compression compressor electric generator electrical energy energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, thermal engine, thermodynamic cycle fluid gage (aka gauge) gas turbine gear, bevel heat sink, thermodynamic cycle heat source, thermodynamic cycle heated engine injector L.O. (or LO) lubricating oil mechanical energy motive force open system (or cycle) prime mover pump, thermodynamic cycle radial motion rotor thermal energy thermodynamic cycle engine thermodynamic cycle heat sink thermodynamic cycle heat source thermodynamic cycle pump thermodynamic cycle
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Gas_Turbines_v1 - Maritime Professional Studies KP100...

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