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Unformatted text preview: Presented By: Elizabeth Bogart Ashley Carlisle Jen Flounders The Importance of Trucking Interior Improvements Electronic Advances Cabs have less wiring because sensors transmit signals to the dashboard instruments. Electronic fuel injection meters fuel more efficiently into the engine Electronic Advances Cont. Onboard computers with printouts show... Fuel use Idling time Other important info Electronic Advances Cont. Pedal interface: Road speed limiter and engine speed control for new engine generation. Improvement Accessories Drivers and Vehicles Date Recording Driving Times and Rest Periods Improvement Accessories Cont. Instrumentation and Comfort Service Diagnostic Systems Internet's Affect on Trucking Increased buying and selling on the internet Warehouses on wheels Increase in labor union Maker of Trucking Components For the future of their products they concentrate on three related needs... ConMet Styling Weight Saving Exten...
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