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Reduction Gears v1.doc-8/17/2004 Maritime Professional Studies KP100 Introduction to Marine Engineering (IME) Segment Course Handout I. Topic Name: Reduction Gears II. Reference(s) Text: Ship Knowledge A Modern Encyclopedia Pages: N/A III. Topic Objectives A. Identify four major types of gears B. Identify the terms that are used to differentiate between the gears in a two-piece gear set C. State the purpose for a reduction gear
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COURSE HANDOUT: Reduction Gears Reduction Gears v1.doc-8/17/2004 2 IV. Topic Terminology articulated bearing, journal bevel gear bull gear casing double helical double helical gear double input double reduction gage (aka gauge) gas turbine gear gear, bevel gear, helical gear, spur gear, worm helical gear jacking gear L.O. (or LO) locked train lube oil lubricating oil motive force pinion prime mover quill shaft radial motion reduction gear spur gear steam turbine worm gear
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