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Throughout the 20 th century, the importance of the United States Navy has grown increasingly. This growth can be observed in how the Navy was more important in WWII than WWI, and how the Navy has been of even greater significance since the WWII conflict. This increasing importance, through the development of new missions and technology, has led to the supremacy of the United States Navy as we know it today. In WWI, the naval priorities for the United States consisted mainly of protection. Because we were in a state of neutrality prior to the war, we had no interest in the benefits of the war. Our priorities included protecting the coast and its possessions and to secure the safety of American cargo and passengers on the high seas. The United States Navy had no experience in antisubmarine warfare, and the voyage of the German Deutschland commercial sub to Baltimore and New London showed the capability of a German offensive on the East Coast. Furthermore, the role of the navy included protecting cargo and passengers. After the dramatic sinking of the Lusitania
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