KP 100 - KP 100 Engineering: is the utilization science and...

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KP 100 Engineering: is the utilization science and mathematics for the good of man kind. Basic forms of engineering types: 1 Electric eng 2 Civil 3 Mechanical 4 Chemical Make up the core of engineering 1 electrical Computers, devices, circuits, power distribution 2 Civil structural sanitation sail 3 Mechanical hard gears structures shaft fluid systems transfer of heat 4 Chemical piping systems for he production of chemicals Marine Engineering (soft, Mechanical) Energies they work with Heat Mechanical Electrical Chemical Nuclear/light Sound Electromagnetic There are four basic types of heat engines for marine use Heat Engines Really learn diesel, steam, gas turbine Diesel most selected engines because of low cost (marine industry) Nuclear Gas turbine military use When building a ship to move cargo from location to another there is some concern about the engine. 1 Operational concerns
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Speed Feasibility Monuverability 2construction Requirements weight size Thermo effic The longer the fuel is in the chamber of combustion the more likely that all the fuel is consumed and greater efficiency of the engine Starting at the bottom and moving up is the direction of efficiency Diesel Steam Nuc Gas turbine Propeller Resistance (the pressure pushing back) Has 4 components Skin Friction based on the under water (growth on hull) water of the hull larger the ship larger the resistance Wave Making bulbous how to reduce the wave making resistance
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KP 100 - KP 100 Engineering: is the utilization science and...

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