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Final Exam in Calculus (MM 101) First Term AY 02-03 Name: Section: Date: 1. Consider the function rex) = 4x + 1 defined for any real value of x. a. Write one sentence explaining why rex) has an inverse function. b. Draw the graph of the inverse function. -2 x . . 2 c. Construct a formula for the inverse function. Answer: f - 1 ( X) = 2. Using the definition of derivative, not any derived formulas, find the derivative of f (x) = 1-+ 1 . (SHOW x ' ALL WORK) 3. Consider two functions p(x) and vex)both of which are exponential. The initial value of p(x) is 25 and the
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Unformatted text preview: decay rate is .03. The initial value of vex)is 31 and the decay rate is .04. Use the natural log to find the value of x for which p(x) = vex). (SHOW ALL WORK) 4. The stopping distance for a ship under its own drag is proportional to the square of its speed. A large tanker traveling at 10 knots requires 15 miles to stop. Find the stopping distance at 3 knots. (SHOW ALL WORK) 5. Simplifythe following'expressions. Stopping Distance = 8. sin(arcsin(2k + 1))...
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