Neitzche nts - -Reading and writing are cultural and social...

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-Reading and writing are cultural and social, unnatural. They have to be taught. You go to grade school and your teachers takes you in and start from scratch in teaching you. Enforcing their code of writing onto you. In my experience, this leads to rebellion. It’s the difference between telling your kid to “do it!” versus “lets do it!”. -There is a confusion between linguist with natural reality. -“School’s enforce ideology, defined by him as imaginary version of our real relations to our fellow and to material reality”. -We are what they want them to be. -Gradeschool textbooks are not ideological neutral. Assumptions keep the status quo (Dick and Jane). -No such thing as an ideological neutral reader. -Modern “complex system of assumptions presuppose in prescription for correct reading an writing that are imposed on our culture from the 1 st grade through graduate school and beyond”. Policing continued taught in 1 st grade. Policing internalized. No longer need enforcement. -Famous writers were not “copy edited”. -no “correct style.” -Standards of correctness and clarity->not natural or universal…too ideological./ -Disguised as universal and natural. -1 st stage in medival trivium->grammar. -grammar, logic, and rhetoric->foundation on which the science of external world were build. Perhaps why we are so blinded by the things we see, that we fail to realize that there is more out there that we do not see. -cultural power-standdardness.
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Neitzche nts - -Reading and writing are cultural and social...

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