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Sound Lab - 6 1445 7 1660 Sketches Discussion The speed of...

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Sound Lab Dustin Damashek Why: The purpose of our lab was to test the speed of sound by measuring different lengths of pipes and measuring their frequency. How: Obtain a pipe and record its length. Next blow across the opening and record the sound emited. Record the most prominent spikes. Data: Data table one: prominent peak compared to signal emitted Peak Number Peak signals (Hz) 1 390 2 625 3 840 4 1035 5 1230
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Unformatted text preview: 6 1445 7 1660 Sketches Discussion: The speed of sound that we found was 333.8 m/s compared the actual which is about 340 m/s. The reason we got a different number is simply that our measurements were not perfect. We did not have someone who could magically keep a perfectly steady breath going. This means that the peaks of comparison are going to be different, not constant...
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