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Geo exam: -weathering -pebbles – round different colors means lots of rock types - conglomerate – lithophyed pebbles, almost always underlie inconformity - heavy mineral – higher specific gravity - sand when lithophyed is a limestone - this test is going to blow. I don’t know at all what hes talking about -calcite is what criters build their homes out of Look in the book at the end of the chap for questions Can go online and can get all the answers from the books website, take practice test -Picture of mt fuji and mannalo – mt fuji would have greater risk of volcano eruptions, also has higher viscosity (wich means more flow) -terms to discribe types of eruptions (which is more explosive)
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Unformatted text preview: -greatests threats of human life don’t come from lava* - what does Is fall or gas- volcano is measured by, we watch by all of the answers to that question in chap-PICTURE ROCK CYCLE fill in- mechanical break down = smaller pieces- sediments on earth surface are product of __?*- boooooreddd- flow is not very important, don’t spend time on it, know what it is though-sedmementary – know limestone = calcite (bio, physiochemical), know what sand does = sandstone, variations of them to, remember sediment size moves depending on where the coast is (course on bottom), transgressive, regressive-essay on speaker-...
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