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Define two of the following four terms and state their importance to anthropology: 1) Cultural relativism – the principle that ones beliefs and cultural activities or rituals should be interpreted in terms of ones own culture, and no judged by another. This is important because it draws up ethical issues like genocide and is a debate if it is appropriate to try and change ones culture because something is not morally or socially acceptable in another’s culture. 2) Extended family 3) Polyandry : specific form of polygamy where a woman marries more than one man, normally brothers. This is important because it is one form of many cultural differences between what is commonly accepted among cultures. 4) Hypodescent Write a paragraph on one of the following two topics: 5) Can people of the same race belong to different ethnicities? Why? Give at least one example.
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Unformatted text preview: People of the same race can belong to different ethnicities. Ethnicities are based on where you are from, and your cultural beliefs, not the color of your skin. Your mother could be white and your father dark skinned, according to our cultural norm you would be the race of African American, but if your parents have two different ethnicities, you could be an African American who takes your mothers Italian ethnicity. In Brazil they recognize over 20 types of race, which there are multiple ethnicities and cultures within those races, but to Americans Brazilians are of one race, and so they could belong to a different ethnicity within one race. 6) Pick a TV show or sports event that you regularly watch, and enjoy watching. Briefly analyze it anthropologically. Does it serve a cultural function? What does it tell you about the larger culture?...
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antrhoploly3 - People of the same race can belong to...

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