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Philosophy of learning - learned a lot by watching my dad...

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Dylan Bishop-Berry SKI 220 Philosophy of Learning Learning is the process of building upon a solid base of understanding. There is no skipping steps, or move ahead 3 spaces cards in the game of learning. Learning requires a dedication and desire to learn. Personal learning styles differ. I learn by doing, by watching, and conversations. I had a teacher in high school that had us learn about nitrogen levels in water by taking a 2 day trip to the White Mountains and actually sampling water from several different test sites along the hike in. This was a very practical way to learn something by actually doing it outside the classroom. This trip had a great impact on me because instead of sitting in the classroom and reading a book that talked about the same thing I was in the field actually doing everything for myself. Performing activities such as this provides me with a much deeper understanding than a text book could ever offer. Learning also occurs when I watch someone perform a task. I
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Unformatted text preview: learned a lot by watching my dad work on machinery, in fact almost everything I know about how machines work is from watching my dad work on them. This also applies to my skiing, when watching someone ski I compare to the way I ski and pick up on what they do better then me and try to mimic them. This shaped me into the skier I am today. Conversations are another way that I am able to learn something new about a subject. When part of an open conversation on a topic I don’t know much about I sit back and just listen and soak up information, throwing ideas in when they pop into my head. This style of learning has the deepest impact on me when talking with my elders that have greater experience in a field than I do. Learning is an ongoing process, and my learning preferences will likely change as I grow older, but part of learning is also adapting to new styles of teaching....
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Philosophy of learning - learned a lot by watching my dad...

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