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Study Guide - Folklore Thomas coined word folk group lore...

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Folklore- Thomas coined word, folk- group, lore is the knowledge, group shares knowledge with each other which makes folklore 1. Artistic communication in small groups- Ben Amos 2. Multiplicity and variation- A. Dundes 3. Unofficial Discourse- Thompson Defining characteristics of folklore- Has no author Constantly changing, word of out, no single version Ethnos- language, religion, nationality, culture/folklore, descent/ blood Successful storytellers of folklore Texture- how story is told Text- what is actually said Context- setting Myth- sacred truth and time, explains our place in universe (cosmogonic), charter for everyday actions and beliefs (many times overlaps with religion) Legend- set in real world, invite discussion about belief Mairchen (tale)- not true, told fro fun, not set in real world, pedagogy (gets lesson across) Riddles- takes two things not connected and makes them so, Neck- saves your neck True- all info need to know is in riddle Catch- try to put other person in uncomfortable situation (masturbation riddle) Pretend obscene riddle Proverbs- fixed phrase, to pass judgment, have authority b/c wisdom ages Folk Similes- blind as a bat Folk metaphor- is dim as a bulb Folk speech- speed that makes sense if native speaker, talk used in work and teams Folk architecture/ Material architecture- Log cabins- don’t got to log cabin building school just get idea from seeing others Jokes- Blason populaire- stereotypical conception jokes When about other culture makes groups closer since all can say similar jokes Enforce lines of identity and stereotypes Practical jokes have ritual process
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Study Guide - Folklore Thomas coined word folk group lore...

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