Adolescent Boys Affected by Pornography

Adolescent Boys Affected by Pornography - Whitney Reizner...

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Whitney Reizner 21281265 December 21, 2007 Comm 375-Final Paper Adolescent Boys Affected by Pornography The twentieth century’s technologies have brought us a whole new perspective on the way we look at information and the ways people find information. It introduced the birth of advanced technology and electronically based media that has now become part of many people’s lives. Anyone can watch Grey’s Anatomy off of an iPod; anyone is able to receive e-mails and listen to mp3s all while chatting with a friend on that same device. Along with those vast technological advancements, the twentieth century has given everyone, including the underage population, access to an abundant availability of pornography on the internet. Along with those vast technological advancements, the twentieth century has brought with it a growing concern, especially for parents, over the availability of sexual content and pornography on the internet. Do parents really have anything to worry about? Studies show that exposure could be detrimental for adolescent boys to encounter pornography before being educated about sex or sexual relations, because it can affect their thoughts regarding sex, the way they treat women and can affect relationships they have with women. Nowadays, due to the large number of people who own computers and have access to the internet, it is accepted for a teacher to assign a project that involves internet research and expect it to be typed. In my personal life, I do not know one person who does not own a computer or have access to the internet in their own home. In the book Youth, Pornography, and the Internet , “a 2002 survey by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration found that 89.5 percent of all children aged 5 to 17 use computers, and 58.5 percent of all those children use the Internet,” (Lin and Thornburgh). Those numbers are remarkable and still not completely accurate because they are not as recent as today, which
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leads to the assumption that those numbers have gone up drastically since then. When parents allow a child to have a computer in his/her room, the parents assume that the child will be using it for educational purposes only, typing up papers, finding information for research, e-mailing, etc. They may not be aware of the easy accessibility to sexual content there is at their child’s fingertips. Taking that into consideration, “A study published in the February 2007 issue of Pediatrics for Parents found that 42% of internet users ages 10-17 had been exposed to online pornography,” (Sloviter). Regardless if these studied users were searching for pornography or came across it accidentally, it is shocking to know that almost half of these underage children have been exposed to this sexual material so easily. It raises an eyebrow to explore the availability and abundance of this content on the World Wide Web. With so many previously stated statistics of adolescents who admitted seeing pornographic
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Adolescent Boys Affected by Pornography - Whitney Reizner...

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