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Eric Maley Maley 1 PSC 116 4/19/06 The Interpretable Doctrine “Make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.” This is a statement that will forever remain in the minds of people post 9/11, a statement that was also followed by the United States invasion of Afghanistan. The Bush Doctrine is a set of foreign policies “adopted” by President George Bush in the wake of the September 11 th attacks. I say adopted because the doctrine is actually a re-written version of the Wolfowitz Doctrine which leaked to the public through the N.Y Times in 1992 and consisted of many of the same ideas Bush is trying to apply today. One sentence from the Doctrine reads, “Our number one mission in the world, now that we are the sole superpower is to make sure we stay that way.” Unfortunately the Wolfowitz Doctrine was denounced immediately after surfacing, making further viewing nearly impossible. The Bush Doctrine can be summarized as a policy which permits preventive war against potential threatening nations before they are capable of mounting attacks against the U.S. A perfect example of how the President plans to implement this policy is the 2003 Iraq War. Bush invaded Iraq due to the suspicion of them possessing weapons of mass destruction, which does pose a threat to the United States, but how lawful is it of Bush to make offensive pressure against Iraq on just suspicion? Many agree that it is not
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Maley 2 lawful, and according to the UN charter it is not legal at all. So how legal is the Doctrine itself? It is not legal, but I plan to prove that it is a well-planned policy and one of the most productive none the less. Being an Independent I have no regret in supporting the doctrine no matter how illegal to the UN it may be. It is up to date the best present policy working to create a safer United States. The UN has created many ways to implement peace in the international community, but when it comes to self-defense they should not be able to claim a policy illegal. The Bush administration, also known as neo-conservatives likes to try and
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bush doctrine - Eric Maley PSC 116 Maley 1 The...

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