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Professor and class, You asked about retrospective data or looking at data that has already occurred to complete research and or a study.In retrospective data the control group does not have the disease or issue and the case group has a disease or issue.Taking that a step further retrospective qualitative studies look at data that the outcome is already known.For example, studying people that have suffered from lung cancer and looking at if smoking led to them getting cancer, or their death. Qualitative research is important in nursing because it allows us as nursing professionals and healthcare partners to see and study patients’ patterns of behaviors, and to design new health interventions.Qualitative data is rich and deep in exploration.Until this week I did not know that.I was hard and fast quantitative data type person.I liked numbers, black and white per say.This week I learned qualitative research answers the how and the why questions.That is me. I love to know how and why.
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