Lecture1 - Family of Origin(FOO • The family which an...

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HDF 304 Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Definition of Family What is “family?” A family is any sexually expressive or parent-child or other kin relationship in which people usually related by ancestry, marriage, or adoption. 1. Form an economic unit and care for any young 2. Consider their identity to be significantly attached to the group, and 3. Are committed to maintaining that group over time. Range of Functionality: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dysfunctional Functional Resilient Three types of Functionality: Dysfuctional Homeless No food, poor nutrition Unsanitary living condition Abuse- living in fear Functional Physical care Food Shelter Clothing (warmth) Relational Love Emotional bonds Resilient Support (psychological and physical) Rituals o Celebrations Vision (sense of purpose) Types of Families (one has through their life time):
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Unformatted text preview: Family of Origin (FOO): • The family which an individual grows up in. Family of Procreation (FOP): • The family that is formed when an individual marries and has children. Family of Creation FOC): • Fictive kin, family-like relationships that are not based on blood or marriage but on close friendship ties. 1 HDF 304 Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Choices Of Family Ties: • Little or no choice of FOO • Lots of choices of FOP and FOC o Choice of spouse-consequences for health, wealth, and happiness. o Social networks Course Themes: • Avoid mindless choices. o Choose knowledgably instead of by default! o Be mindful or aware of values, beliefs, consequences of behaviors. • Balance familism and individualism. o Ex. Leaving home to attend college o Ex. Delaying marriage 2...
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Lecture1 - Family of Origin(FOO • The family which an...

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